UltimaSerial Configuration files for WinDaq add-ons

Windaq add-ons










Configuration files for WinDaq addons. If you experience trouble using WinDaq addons, please email us the content of the configuration files for the WinDaq add-ons you tried to use, along with TPDATAQ.INI under Windows directory.


WinDaq addon Addon configuration file
Advanced Triggered Storage triggerstorage.ini
Digital and Alarm Output ultimaalarm.ini
WinDaq Add-on Batch Operation wdqaddonstart.ini
Email/Text Messaging (SMS)-enabled data acquisition, or Email link for WinDaq add-ons wdqemail.ini
Instrumentation Gauge gauge.ini
Magic Meter magicmeter.ini
Serial Output UltimaRStext.ini
Advanced Analog Triggered Recorder caltrigger.ini
Calculated Channel Recorder calwaveformiii.ini
Waterfall Spectrogram wdqwaterfall.ini
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) wdqfft.ini
Digital Plot digitalplot.ini
FFT Viewer for WWB N.A.
Oscilloscope N.A.
Excel Link  N.A.
Note Taker with Excel Link wdqnotetaker.ini
Remote Note Taker with Excel Link remotenoteaker.ini
Paced Note Taker with Excel Link pacednotetaker.ini
Event Counter eventcounter.ini
Digital Input Indicators diginindicator.ini
Calculated Channel calwaveform,ini
Calculated Analog Output daciii.ini
Advanced Audio and Text Commented Event N.A.
Audio & Text Event Navigator for WWB N.A.
Dynamometer (Dyno) Data Acquisition Recorder windaqdyno.ini
Lab Assistant auxsweep.ini
Aux Input Indicators auxinput.ini
Windaq Add-on Manager tpdataq.ini
Histogram wdqaddon.ini
OpenOfficeCalc Link N.A.
MySQL Link N.A.



Last update: 03/25/13