UltimaSerial Excel Data Logger: Paced Note Taker with Excel Link
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Paced Note Taker

Paced Note Taker with Excel Link

Timer paced note taker allows user to record data to a  spreadsheet file or Excel directly at a much slower pace while Windaq displaying the waveform at high speed. Minimum interval 0.5 second. 

The name NOTE TAKER was derived from the add-on's original application, in which it logs to a notepad compatible text file. Live Excel link was added per users' request.


Youtube Demo

For other Excelinks, please see:

Manual logger for Excel data acquisition

Event-controlled logger for Excel data acquisition

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  • If log file extension is .csv, the file can be opened by spreadsheet program, such as Excel, immediately

  • Excel Link

    • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit version Microsoft Excel 

    • If Send to Excel Cell option is checked, the readings will be sent to Excel immediately

  • Excel compatible time stamp format to calculate time difference between events, see example below

    chn0(Volt)  chn1(Volt)  chn2(Volt)  chn3(Volt)  TimeStamp
    0 0 -0.015625 0 14:38:32
    -0.0078125 -0.0078125 -0.0078125 0 14:38:34
    -0.0078125 -0.015625 -0.0078125 -0.015625 14:38:36
    -0.0078125 0 -0.0078125 -0.0078125 14:38:38

Youtube Demo


To Use WinDaq Add-ons

  1. Confirm WinDaq 3.16 or higher is installed on your computer

  2. Install WinDaq add-ons.

  3. Start WinDaq, and you will find the WinDaq add-ons integrated into Windaq->View->Add-ons menu (see the screen capture above).

  4. Intelligent Channel Selection: Highlight/Select a channel in WinDaq and fire up the WinDaq add-on you wish, and the WinDaq add-on will use the selected channel as its default channel. 

  5. If channel index number is required for a WinDaq add-on, please enter the 0-based index to Windaq's scanlist. For example, if WinDaq has channel 3,4,6,7 enabled, one can enter 0 for channel 3, 1 for channel 4, 2 for channel 6 and 3 for channel 7.

  6. Do not change WinDaq's configurations while WinDaq add-ons are running, or some add-ons may terminate.


Last update: 02/28/22