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Serial Output

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Serial Output 

When a trigger condition is met, the add-on outputs pre-defined text string to PC's serial port to control external devices or display, which include various devices listed under Windows Device Manager's COM group, such as USB to RS-232, RS-485/422 converter.



A customer contacted us with his application: 

Is there a add-on that when a digital input is actuated, a serial string goes out? What I need to do is stop the test equipment based on what WinDaq is
getting. Example: as an alarm when Voltage goes too low, or temperature goes too high, or amps go too high, a serial string goes out.

I'm doing battery testing. I need a good way to stop it when I hit a certain set point, or input is actuated.

Basically, when volts is too low, amps is too high, stop-test button is hit or temp is too high, send "LOAD OFF" to the serial port.

When start button is hit, send "LOAD ON" to the serial port. Would be nice to be able to define the string or multiple strings with CR/LF in between.

This could also be useful for writing to an external LCD/display or just about any other equipment people need to integrate.

This addon is our answer to all his needs. 


  • Up to 8 condition for serial outputs

  • Supports up to COM 16, including many devices that show up in Windows' Device Manager as COM port group, such as USB to RS-232, RS-485/422 converter

  • Hold Time to suppress repeating serial output from the same trigger condition. 

    • Minimum HoldTime: 0.1 sec

    • Maximum HoldTime: 3000 sec

    • Once the condition becomes false, the HoldTime is removed.

  • Trigger indicators

  • Full math capability as Digital and Alarm Output

  • &# tag to support ASCII control codes. 

    • Insert &#nn; to the string is the same as adding ASCII control code nn to the serial output.

    • For example, if you need to output CR+LF, insert 
 to the serial output. 


  • Not every data point is tested against the trigger condition. The add-on is paced by Windows' timer, up to 50Hz.


Last update: 02/28/22