UltimaSerial Excel Data acquisition: Remote (Event Controlled) Note Taker with Excel and SMS Link





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Remote Note Taker

Remote (Event Controlled) Note Taker with Excel and SMS Link

This add-on records the reading of all channels to a text/spreadsheet file, SMS/Email to smartphone/PC or Excel directly when the Event flag is changed or the reading on a specified channel cross the threshold.

Video Demo of Remote (Event Controlled) Note Taker with Excel Link


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Configuration file


Sample Applications

1. Automatically logs the cargo weight while it is being moved through a conveyor belt.


  1. At the end of the scale, create a mechanical switch that connects to the Event inputs or a pre-specified channel (a pull-up is needed in this case)

  2. Run WinDaq and this add-on

  3. The cargo will be sent to the scale through a conveyor belt

  4. The cargo will trip the switch set up in step 1

  5. The weight will be logged to Excel spread sheet as well as a specified text file (as backup, in case Excel was closed accidentaly by the user)

2. See SMS/Emal alert system


  • Two trigger sources
    • Event Flag input
      • Same as the push-button on DI-145 and 149
      • This is not available to devices running non-standard HiRes firmware 
      • The EVENT flag on the device has internal pull-up
      • For 710 series, if Event Flag is used as trigger source, the digital channels must be enabled at channel 17 by entering letter "I"  to use this add-on; For 718B(x), digital channels must be enabled at channel 9 by entering letter "I"  to use this add-on
    • Analog Channel
      • This is available to ALL devices
      • The Analog Channel can be any channel in Windaq's scanlist.  When entering the channel number, please use the zero-based index to WinDaq's scanlist. For example, in the scanlist below, 0 select the first channel in the list, or channel 3, 1 selects 4, 2 selects Rate channel, and 3 selects Counter channel.

    • Trigger method includes rises, falls or changes.
    • Software de-bouncing optional
  • Two trigger levels
    • TTL trigger level for Event flag
    • Any level within the range of the channel for Analog Channel trigger
  • If log file extension is .csv, the file can be opened by spreadsheet program, such as Excel, immediately

  • Excel Link

    • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit version Microsoft Excel 

    • If Send to Excel Cell option is checked, the readings will be sent to Excel immediately

  • SMS and Email Link

    • Sends out SMS or email when an event is captured

    • Use SMS/Email Manager to configure it first

  • Since all data points are examined during the operation, it may not keep up with high-speed operation

  • Time stamp can be added to every row of data, with 1 second resolution.

  • Excel compatible time stamp format to calculate time difference between events, see example below

    chn0(Volt)  chn1(Volt)  chn2(Volt)  chn3(Volt)  TimeStamp
    0 -0.0078125 -0.015625 0.015625 7/13/2010 14:39
    0 -0.0078125 -0.0078125 0 7/13/2010 14:39
    -0.0078125 0 -0.0078125 0 7/13/2010 14:39
    -0.0078125 -0.0078125 -0.0078125 0 7/13/2010 14:39
    0 -0.015625 -0.0078125 0 7/13/2010 14:39
    0 -0.0078125 0 0 7/13/2010 14:39
    0 -0.0078125 -0.0078125 -0.0078125 7/13/2010 14:39
    0 -0.0078125 0 -0.0078125 7/13/2010 14:39



Video Demo of Remote (Event controlled) Note Taker with Excel Link

To Use This WinDaq Add-ons

  1. Confirm WinDaq 3.16 or higher is installed on your computer

  2. Install WinDaq add-ons.

  3. Start WinDaq, and you will find the WinDaq add-ons integrated into Windaq->View->Add-ons menu (see the screen capture above).

  4. Do not change WinDaq's configurations while WinDaq add-ons are running, or some add-ons may terminate.


Last update: 02/28/22