UltimaSerial WinDaq Software Add-on: Batch Editor and Start

Please use WinDaq rev 3.51 or higher to take full advantage of this feature

 WinDaq Add-on ID

7040 and 7041

Menu Name Appeared under WinDaq->View->Add-ons

!Add-on Batch Editor and Add-on Batch Start

Configuration file


Add-on Batch Editor

Create and Edit a batch startups for WinDaq add-ons. You can specify the channel each add-on uses. 


  • add an add-on from the available list to the auto startup group. Double click on an item in the available add-ons group will render the same result
  • remove the highlighted one from the auto startup group
  • change the channel associated with the highlighted add-on in the auto startup group. Double click on an item in the Auto Startup group will render the same result. Please note, the channel has two possible meanings. Must read: The mystery of channel index!
    1. The logical channel being used by the Add-on, such as the FFT
    2. The retainable configuration # being used by the Add-on. For example, MagicMeter's Advanced Math module saves its retainable configuration to a file section associated with the channel number. 
  • test drive the add-on highlighted in the auto startup group
  • accept and save the batch. 
    1. Please note that the batch configuration is associated with each hardware configuration setup. For example, a batch configuration for DI-149 will NOT be applied to DI-720. 
    2. Business Pro is required if more than two add-ons need to be started by Batch operation.
Add-on Batch Start 

Please use WinDaq rev 3.51 to take the full advantage of this feature.

With  WinDaq rev 3.51 or higher, WinDaq will automatically invoke the batch operation, so any add-on placed in auto-start group will be started automatically once WinDaq starts running, such as magic meter, Digital and DAC output, etc, making a true turnkey system

There is NO GUI for this add-on. It starts the batch created by Add-on Batch Editor. In the above example, three Gauges, two magic meters, digital output and calculated analog output will be started. Add-on Batch Start is normally installed as a hidden add-on. Please use Windaq Add-on Manager to add it to Windaq's menu if you wish to invoke it from WinDaq Acquisition Software's add-on menu.

Business Pro license is required if more than two add-ons are need to be started by Batch operation.

How to config WinDaq to retain its position and dimension? 

To fully take advantage of the batch operation, especially channel-related displays such as Magic Meter and Gauges, it would be desirable to have WinDaq come up at the same position and dimension whenever it is started.

The height and width can be retained by WinDaq->File->Save Default Setup

The position of the upper left corner may be specified in the following fashion

  1. Check WinDaq->Edit->Preferences->Exit on Full
  2. Invoke WinDaq->File->Save Default Setup
  3. Uncheck WinDaq-> Edit-> Preferences-> Exit on Full
  4. Invoke WinDaq-> File-> Save Default Setup again
  5. To disable fixed positioning, move the window to the upper left corner and repeat steps 1 to 4   


Last update: 02/28/22