UltimaSerial WinDaq Software Add-on: Advanced Text and Verbal Commented Event
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Advanced Events


Advanced Event adds audio capability and advanced text feature to the commented event marks option of Windaq acquisition software.

Instead of typing in your text comment for events while recording data stream in Windaq, you may record your audio comment via the microphone of your PC! It also adds extra time stamp for text commented events (see below)

Windaq Add-on: Audio Commented Event for WinDaq running DATAQ devices, Transonic Flow meters and Dataforth isoLynx SLX718

Features of Advanced Verbal Commented Event

  • Support any microphone connected to your PC, as long as it is designated as default microphone input.

  • Record hours of audio comment, and play it back in sync to the waveform with WWB Event Navigator

  • Mark both the moment you start typing the text comment and the moment you push the insert button.

  • To playback WWB files with verbal commented event markers, please use Windaq Waveform Browser Advanced Commented Event Navigator


  • If long (hours) audio comment is recorded, and the synchronization between comment and audio comment is important, due to WWB's time stamping method, it is recommended to start recording first, then pause and resume the recording right before inserting the audio comment. 
  • Please do not embed period in file name, for example, "My.Test.Wdq", or WWB Event Navigator will not be able to open it.
  • Until Windaq enters record mode, you can't insert any verbal/text comment


Last update: 02/28/22