UltimaSerial WinDaq Add-on: DAC (Analog) output


WinDaq Add-on ID


Menu Name Appeared under WinDaq->View->Add-ons

Analog Output


Control DAC outputs of the device, including DI148/158/720/730/740, while DATAQ's WinDaq acquisition software is running.

Due to the limitations of the hardware, when using with 720/730 USBs, please make sure Windaq's maximum sample rate doesn't exceed 100K, and the sample rate is less than 50K

Note: The DACs on 148 and 158 are NOT calibrated

To Use This WinDaq Add-on

  1. Confirm WinDaq 3.16 or higher is installed on your computer

  2. Install WinDaq add-ons.

  3. Start WinDaq, and you will find the WinDaq add-ons integrated into Windaq->View->Add-ons menu (see the screen capture above).

  4. Do not change WinDaq's configurations while WinDaq add-ons are running, or some add-ons may terminate.

Last update: 02/28/22