UltimaSerial Register WinDaq Add-ons

To Register WinDaq add-ons 

  1. We do not take Purchase Orders, and PayPal confirmation email serves as the formal sale receipt
  2. Select an appropriate license and click the button below it to pay the registration fee with major credit cards or other methods accepted by PayPal. Your order is processed directly through PayPal, and we do not keep any record of your credit card information. 
  3. When the transaction is done, please wait until PayPal redirects (not via email!) you to the page that contains the license key and instruction. This redirecting procedure may take more than 20 seconds, and we thank you for your patience.
  4. If you accidentally missed the step above or PayPal/Browser glitched, please email the PayPal receipt # to mannahuang_x_juno.com (replace _x_ with @). Please make sure your spam filter does NOT block the two email addresses.
To request email support

Please include your UltimaSerial registration key when requesting support. 

Email your support questions to mannahuang_x_juno.com (replace _x_ with @). Please make sure your spam filter does NOT block the email address.

Registration program for all WinDaq addons

One Installation

*Please see note regarding ExcelLink 

Four Installations 

*Please see note regarding ExcelLink 


ExcelLink is a joint-project with DATAQ, so a hardware-key will be needed beside the general key if you use DI-2008/2108/2108P/4108/4208/4718/4730. Contact us with your instrument type and features enabled to acquire the key (including the key that enabled them) so that we can generate a hardware key for you. Hardware-key is not needed for DI-11xx/245/71x/72x/73x/1xx (General key is enough)